Stress Management – How To Deal With Stress

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How many of you believe that exercising the mind is as much as important as the body? Most of the people who are self aware train their bodies but ignore their minds. Because of this, you can see most of the people are living stressful lives irrespective of their financial status.

Why are you feeling stressful ?

how to deal with stress

You are stressful, might be because of your family issues, financial issues, work issues etc. You are stressful because of the issues like When you are stuck at something, not able to find a way through, not able to figure out the solutions etc.

How to deal with stress ?

There are many ways you can use to deal with stress. But what matters here is whether you want to deal with it temporarily or you need a permanent solution.

I am going to share ways to handle stress based on my experiences and how I am dealing with it.

Temporary solutions to handle stress and calm your mind

Let’s say you are in a situation, where you are feeling stressful may be because of your boss, or you are working on something but you are stuck and didn’t able to find solutions or something similar like this, you can try the following methods to get out of that stress.

Take A Break

how to deal with stress

Yes, take a break for 5-10 minutes. Just get off from the position wherever you are, move around, have some tea/coffee/water etc. Take a deep breath and try to calm your mind. This way you can divert your mind and reset yourself which helps you to think in the right direction.

Listen To Music

how to deal with stress

These days you can find a lot of concentration, relaxing music across different platforms. Try to listen to that music with closed eyes for sometime. You will feel relaxed after 2-3 minutes.

Talk To Someone

how to deal with stress

Try to talk with a friend or someone whom you are close to. This will help you to switch your mind from the current situation which reduces your stress.

Long term solutions to handle the stress and calm your mind

These are the solutions which will help you to handle the stress and stay calm most of the situations over a period of time.

Fixed Sleeping Pattern

how to deal with stress

I know this is one of the difficult habits to do. Because everybody doesn’t have the same working hours. Even in that, sometimes we need to stretch working hours to complete the tasks. Some people have day shifts and some people have night shifts which makes it more difficult to follow this habit. However I would suggest you to follow a fixed sleeping pattern depending on the hours available for you. This helps you plan your daily things better.

Physical Activities

how to deal with stress

It doesn’t mean that you have to go to the gym and do workouts. You can do yoga, stretches, running, play sports like badminton or table tennis whatever the sport which is available to you. Physical activities will help you to control your weight, helps you increase metabolism and boost your confidence which indirectly helps you to organize the things better which reduces the stress.

Healthy Diet

how to deal with stress

I know that eating healthy is a little difficult for most people. Because it doesn’t satisfy your taste buds. Eating junk food will reduce your metabolism and make you obese. So try to control eating junk food. Add more veggies to your meals. Remember one thing, Your body is what you eat. So just keep a track on what you are eating and how it affects your body.


how to deal with stress

This is one of the best ways to reduce stress and helps you keep your mind calm and organize things better. Meditation will help you to make decisions better. Start meditating initially for 1 minute and you can go upto 15 minutes or more with practice.

These are the ways which I am following in my life and I am getting the benefits of it. I hope this article will help you to manage your stress and stay positive in your life.

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