PAN Card Number Validation Using Javascript and React

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In this article,  Iam going to teach you how to do PAN card number validation using Javascript and React. There are lot of solutions across internet on this topic. But here, I will be implementing this in ES6 and React app.

What is PAN ?

PAN stands for permanent account number  is an identification number which is assigned to all the tax payers in India.

Structure of the PAN Card Number

The PAN is a 10 letter alpha numeric identifier which represents the card holder. Among 10 letters, first 5 will be alphabets, next 4 will be numeric and the 10th letter will be an alphabet. If we break it down further in detail,

  • First 3 letters will be the random alphabets generated from A to Z.
  • 4th letter represents the category of a tax payer. Each category has its own identification letter as below
    • A — Association of persons (AOP)
    • B — Body of individuals (BOI)
    • C — Company
    • F — Firm
    • G — Government
    • H — HUF (Hindu undivided family)
    • L — Local authority
    • J — Artificial juridical person
    • P — Individual or Person
    • T — Trust (AOP)
  • 5th letter is the first letter of the individual’s surname
  • The next 4 letters are a 4 digit random number under 9999
  • The last(10th) letter is an alphabet which is used as a check-sum to verify the validity of that current code.

In the following code, We are going to validate whether the given number is a valid PAN number or not.

PAN Card Number Validation Using Javascript

The best possible way to validate whether the given string is a valid PAN or not is by using regular expressions. The following is the regular expression I have used to validate PAN.

let regex = /^([a-zA-Z]){5}([0-9]){4}([a-zA-Z]){1}?$/;

Using the above regex code,  I have created a function called pancardValidation in ES6

export const pancardValidation = (text) => {

        let   regex = /^([a-zA-Z]){5}([0-9]){4}([a-zA-Z]){1}?$/;

        if(regex.test(text)) {

             return true;


        return false;
If you want to see the live demo, Please click Here For github link for code, click Here

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