Isnt She Lovely Chords – Stevie Wonder

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In this article,  we are going to learn Isnt She Lovely Chords. This song is sung and composed by Stevie Wonder.

Coming to the chords,  we have used capo on the 2nd fret to make the chords simpler and we have simplified the chords  to make them easier for beginners. Like we have played Bm chord instead of Bm7 and E chord instead of E7 chord. Still, Even after the simplification, the chords can be difficult for beginners to keep track of all chords and it will take some time to practice the progression. The chord progression is as follows.

Isnt She Lovely Chords With Capo

SongIsnt She Lovely
ArtistStevie Wonder
CapoFret – 2
ChordsBm, E, Em, A, D, G, F#, F#m

[Verse 1]

Isn’t she (Bm)lovely(E)

Isn’t she (Em)won(A)derful(D)

Isn’t she (Bm)precious(E)

Less than one (Em)minu(A)te (D)old

I never (G)thought through love we’d (F#)be

Making one (Bm)as lovely as (E)she

But isn’t she (Em)love(F#m)ly (G)made (A)from (D)love


[Verse 2]

Isn’t she (Bm)pretty(E)

Truly the (Em)an(A)gel’s (D)best

Boy, I’m so (Bm)happy(E)

We have been (Em)heaven(A) ble(D)ssed

I can’t be(G)lieve what God has (F#)done

Through us he’s (Bm)given life to (E)one

But isn’t she (Em)love(F#m)ly (G)made (A)from (D)love


[Verse 3]

Isn’t she (Bm)lovely(E)

Life and (Em)love (A)are the (D)same

Life is (Bm)Aisha(E)

The meaning (Em)of (A)her (D)name

Londie, it (G)could have not been (F#)done

Without you who (Bm)conceived the (E)one

That’s so very (Em)love(F#m)ly (G)made (A)from (D)love

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