Wheat Kings Chords – The Tragically Hip

In this article, you are going to learn Wheat Kings Chords. This song is sung and composed by The Tragically Hip.

Coming to the chords,  we have used open chords in this song that are easier for beginner guitarists. The chord progression is as follows.

Wicked Game Chords

Song Wheat Kings
Artist The Tragically Hip
Chords G, C, D




[Verse 1]

(G)Sun(C)down in the (G)Paris of the (C)prairies

(G)Wheat (C)kings have (G)all their (C)treasures buried

(G)And all you (C)hear are the (G)rusty (C)breezes

(G)Pushing (C)around the (G)weathervane (C)Jesus





[Verse 2]

(G)In his (C)Zippo lighter he (G)sees the (C)killer’s face

(G)Maybe it’s (C)someone (G)standing in the (C)killers place

(G)Twenty years for (C)nothing, well that’s (G)nothing (C)new, besides

(G)No one’s (C)interested in (G)something you (C)didn’t do



(D)Wheat kings and (G)pretty things,(C)(G)(C)

(D)Let’s just see what the (G)morning brings(C)(G)(C)


[Verse 3]

(G)There’s a dream he (C)dreams where the (G)high school is (C)dead and stark

(G)It’s a mu(C)seum and we’re all (G)locked up in it (C)after dark

(G)Where the walls are (C)lined all (G)yellow, grey and (C)sinister

(G)Hung with (C)pictures of our (G)parents’ Prime (C)Ministers



(D)Wheat kings and (G)pretty things(C)(G)(C)

(D)Wait and see what to(G)morrow brings(C)(G)(C)


[Verse 4]

(G)Late breaking (C)story on the (G)CBC(C)

(G)A nation (C)whispers, “We al(G)ways knew that (C)he’d go free”

(G)They add, “You (C)can’t be fond of (G)living in the (C)past

(G)Cause if you (C)are then there’s no (G)way that you’re (C)gonna last”



(D)Wheat Kings and (G)pretty things(C)(G)(C)

(D)Let’s just see what to(G)morrow brings(C)(G)(C)

(D)Wheat Kings and (C)pretty things

Ah that’s what to(C)morrow brings(D)




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