Lord I Lift Your Name On High Chords – Paul Baloche

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In this article, you are going to learn Lord I Lift Your Name On High Chords. This Song is sung and composed by Paul Baloche.

Coming to the chords, we have simple open chords used in this song which is easier to beginner guitarists. The chord progression is as follows.

Lord I Lift Your Name On High Chords

SongLord I Lift Your Name On High
ArtistPaul Baloche
ChordsG, C, D, Em, Am

[Verse 1]

(G)Lord I (C)lift your name on (D)high(C)

(G)Lord I (C)love to sing your (D)praises(C)

(G)I’m so (C)glad you’re in my (D)life(C)

(G)I’m so (C)glad you came t0 (D)save us(C)



(G)You came from hea(C)ven to (D)earth to (C)show the (G)way

(G)From the (C)earth to the (D)cross my (C)debt to (G)pay

(G)From the (C)cross to the (D)grave from the (Em)grave to the (Am)sky

(C)Lord I (D)lift your name on (G)high


About Singer:

Paul Baloche is a renowned American Christian music artist, songwriter, and worship leader. Born on June 4, 1962, in Lompoc, California, he has made significant contributions to contemporary Christian music. Baloche is best known for his heartfelt and worshipful songs, many of which are sung in churches around the world. His compositions include popular worship anthems like “Open the Eyes of My Heart,” “Above All,” and “Hosanna (Praise Is Rising).” Paul Baloche’s music has played a pivotal role in shaping the worship experience for countless congregations, and he continues to be a respected figure in the Christian music industry.

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