Landslide Chords – Fleetwood Mac

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In this article,  we are going to learn Landslide Chords. This song is sung and composed by Fleetwood Mac.

Coming to the chords, we have used capo on the 3rd fret to make the chords simpler and we have simplified the chords to make them easier for beginners. The chord progression is as follows.

Landslide Chords With Capo

ArtistFleetwood Mac
CapoFret – 3
ChordsC, G, Am, D, Em


(C) (G) (Am)  (G)



(C)I took my (G)l0ve, I took it (Am)d0wn(G)

(C)Climbed a (G)mountain and I turned a(Am)round(G)

And I (C)saw my re(G)flection in the (Am)snow-covered (G)hills

Till the (C)landslide (G)brought me (Am)down(G)



Oh, (C)mirror in the (G)sky, what is (Am)love?(G)

Can the (C)child within my (G)heart rise (Am)above?(G)

Can I (C)sail through the (G)changin’ (Am)ocean (G)tides?

Can I (C)handle the (G)seasons of my (Am)li(G) –  (C)i – (Am)fe?(G)

(C)Mm hmm (G)hmm (Am)hmm(D)



Well, (G)I’ve been (D)afraid of (Em)changing ’cause I’ve

(C)Built my (G)life around (Am)you(D)

But (G)time makes you (D)bolder, even (Em)children get older

And (C)I’m getting (G)older (Am)too(G)



(C)Ah-ah, (G)take my love, take it (Am)down(G)

(C)Climbed a (G)mountain and  turn a(Am)round(G)

If y0u (C)see my (G)reflection in the (Am)snow-c0vered (G)hills

Well the (C)landslide will (G)bring it (Am)down(G)

And if y0u (C)see my re(G)flection in the (Am)snow-c0vered (G)hills



Well, a (C)landslide’ll (G)bring it (Am)down, (G)oh-ohh

The (C)landslide’ll (G)bring it (Am)down.

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