Lacy Chords With Capo – Olivia Rodrigo

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In this article, you are going to learn Lacy Chords With Capo. This Song is sung and made by Olivia Rodrigo.

Coming to the chords, we have used capo on the 1st fret to make the chords easier but still we have 3 barre chords in this song which might be little difficult for beginner guitarists. The chord progression is as follows.

Lacy Chords With Capo

ArtistOlivia Rodrigo
CapoFret – 1
ChordsD, Bm, G, Em, F#m, Gm




[Verse 1]

(D)Lacy, oh,(Bm) Lacy,(G) skin like puff (D)pastry

(D)Aren’t you the(Bm)sweetest thing on(A)this side of(A)Hell?

(D)Dear angel (Bm)Lacy,(G)eyes white as (D)daisies

Did(D) I ever(Bm)tell you that I’m(G) not doin’(D) well?



(Em)Ooh, I care, I care, I(Bm)care

Like(F#m)perfume that you(Em)wear, I linger all the time

(Bm)Watching, hidden (F#m)in plain sight

(Em)Ooh, I try, I try,(Bm)I try

But it(F#m) takes over(Em) my life, I see you everywhere

The(Bm) sweetest tor(G)ture one (Gm)could bear


[Verse 2]

(D)Smart, sexy(Bm) Lacy, I’m (G)losin’ it(D)lately

(D)I feel your(Bm)compliments likе(G)bullets on(D)skin

(D)Dazzling (Bm)starlet, Bar(G)dot rein(D)carnatе

Well,(D) aren’t you the(Bm)greatest thing to(G) ever (D)exist?



(Em)Ooh, I care, I care, I(Bm)care

Like(F#m)ribbons in your(Em)hair, my stomach’s all in knots


You(Bm)got the one thing(F#m)that I want

(Em)Ooh, I try, I try, I(Bm)try

Try(F#m)to ration(Em)alize, people are people, but

It’s(Bm)like you’re made of(G)angel(Gm)dust



(D)Oh,(Bm)oh-oh, (G)oh-(D)oh

(D)Oh,(Bm)oh, oh-oh-oh,(G)oh-(D)oh

(D)Oh,(Bm)oh,(G)oh, oh-(D)oh




(D)Lacy, oh,(Bm)Lacy, it’s like(G) you’re out to(D)get me

(D)You poison(Bm)every little(G)thing that I(G)do

(D)Lacy, oh,(Bm)Lacy, I(G) just loathe you(D)lately

And(D)I despise my(Bm)jealous eyes and how(G) hard they fell for(D)you

Yeah,(D) I despise my(Bm)rotten mind and how(G) much it worships(D)you

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