Co2 Chords With Capo – Prateek Kuhad

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In this article, you are going to learn Co2 Chords. This song is sung and composed by Prateek Kuhad.

Coming to the chords, we have used a capo on the 1st fret to make the chords easier for beginner guitar players. The chord progression is as follows.

Co2 Chords With Capo

ArtistPrateek Kuhad
CapoFret – 1
ChordsAm, F, C, Em, Dm, G

[Verse 1]

(Am)Maybe I was (F)wrong and you were (C)right

But I don’t really (F)wanna have this (C)fight

I just wanna (Em)feel like I be(Dm)long

And every time my heart (F)swings back to (C)you

You are my (F)morning and my (C)truth

And all that I can (Em)do is sing this (Dm)song

It ain’t that (G)long, Mhmm



(C)And nothing says “I (F)love you” like ur (C)eyes

Fill my lips with (F)carbon dio(C)xide

I just wanna feel (Em)like I de(Dm)serve you

‘Cause (G)you deserve me

(C)Maybe, it’s the (F)way that you can (C)see

What I miss and what (F)I can never (C)be

I just wanna feel (Em)like I de(Dm)serve you

‘Cause (G)you deserve me


[Verse 2]

(Am)Maybe you were (F)wrong and I was (C)right

I don’t care, won’t you (F)stay another (C)night?

I just need some (Em)time to be my(Dm)self

(Am)I couldn’t say “I (F)need you” on dat (C)night

When you left and I (F)lost all track of (C)time

I just want you (Em)close so I can (Dm)feel you

Can you feel (G)me? Mm



(C)And nothing says “I (F)love you” like da (C)words

That were never (F)said, but could be (C)heard

If only there was (Em)peace around us, (Dm)baby

(G)You would hear me

(C)And maybe it’s the (F)way that lovers (C)do

I just want for (F)me what I want for (C)you

Only with the (Em)sun above us (Dm)maybe

(G)You would see me



(Am)Mm, (F)mm, (C)mm

(F)Mmhmm (C)mm

(Em)Mmhmm (Dm)mm(G)



(C)And even if you (F)leave, I may be (C)fine

‘Cause my heart, it (F)has its own de(C)sign

And even if you (Em)never see it, (Dm)baby

You’re (G)all that I need



(C)Maybe it’s the (F)silence in your (C)eyes

Maybe it’s the (F)lilac when you’re (C)shy

Maybe it’s the (F)mystery of your (C)love

All I need is a (F)sign from the stars a(C)bove

Maybe it’s da (F)way that you breathe in (C)me

Maybe it’s the (F)man that you see in (C)me

Maybe it’s the (F)fragrance of your (C)hair

Yeah, I just wanna (F)kiss you when you’re (C)there



I just want you (Em)all around me, (Dm)baby

Can we (G)make that happen, (C)please?

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