Bridge Over Troubled Water Chords – Simon & Garfunkel

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In this article, you are going to learn Bridge Over Troubled Water Chords. This song is sung and composed by Simon & Garfunkel.

Coming to the chords, we have used capo on the 3rd fret and used regular instead of minor 7 chords to make it simpler beginner guitarists. The chord progression is as follows.

Bridge Over Troubled Water Chords With Capo

SongBridge Over Troubled Water Chords
ArtistSimon & Garfunkel
CapoFret – 1
ChordsG, C, F, D, Em, Dm, A, B, E

[Verse 1]

When you’re (G)weary. (C)Feeling (G)small(C). When (F)tears (C)are (G)in your (C)eyes

I will (G)dry them all.(C)

(G)I’m (D)on (Em)your (D)side ohhhh when (G)times get (G)rough.

(G)And (G)friends (Dm)just (C)can’t (A)be (D)found.

(G)Like a (C)bridge over (G)troubled (E)water(C), I will (B)lay me (Em)down.

(G)Like a (C)bridge over (G)troubled (E)water,(C) I will (D)lay me (G)down.(C)(G)(C)


[Verse 2]

When you’re (G)down and (C)out.  When you’re on the (G)streets(C) yeh.

When (F)evening(C) (G)falls so (C)hard. I will (G)comfort you(C)

(G)I’ll (D)take (E)your part(D) ohhhh  when darkness (G)comes(G)

(G)And (Gm)pain (D)is all(C) (A)around(D).

(G)Like a  (C)bridge over (G)troubled (E)water(C), I will (B)lay me (Em)down.

(G)Like a  (C)bridge over (G)troubled (E)water,(C) I will (D)lay me (G)down(C)(G)(C)


[Verse 3]

Sail on sil(G)ver girl(C). Sail on (G)by.(C)

Your (F)time (C)has (G)come to (C)shine.

All your (G)dreams are on their (C)way

(G)See (D)how (Em)they (D)shine ohhhhh and if you (G)need a friend.

I(G)‘m (G)sailing(Dm) right(C) be(A)hind(D).

(G)Like a (C) bridge (A)over (G)troubled (E)water(C),I will (B)ease your (Em)mind.

(G)Like a  (C)bridge over (G)troubled (E)water,(C) I will (D)ease (G)your (C)mind(G)(C)

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